without limits

we are

An enterprise social network
dedicated to enriching knowledge

Socrate is an intuitive learning platform to create, moderate and share original content, build team communities around any discipline or theme, and facilitate communication with differents chat option.

our vision

Expand minds
and strengthen companies

We believe that knowledge is key to progression — for people and businesses. Socrate is an innovative tool to enhance learning, facilitate information sharing, celebrate company successes & encourage employee bonding. All business-related content is centralized in one secure place.

the community

Unite departments
and nourish connections

Socrate creates communities within businesses. Group members, posts and Agora content around various departments or specialities to create engaged employees and fuel compagny growth.

our products

Intuitive Tools for Engaged Teams

the agora

The ultimate learning hub

From articles, videos and podcasts to lessons, training and events, discover a variety of media to inspire teams.

Author and consume from one practical space.

the feed

A centralized information unit

A homepage assembling the latest community news,

articles and members actions to interact and save posts with ease.

the chat

Connect colleagues in an instant

Flexible chat options (direct messages, group or community-wide) for easier team collaboration.

The Administrator

Smart software for cross-compagny management

Manage your organization — from communities to content — with one dedicated multi-functional interface.